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Find Auto Auction is a recognized by car buyers Used Car Auction located in Los Angeles, CA, established in 2008 and provides daily auto auctions in Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, Oregon and other states with online access for every visitor from United States. It has a large selection of makes, models and colors of the vehicles. Browse our repossessed cars, police autos, pre-owned motors, or brand new cars for your needs. We offer you an amazing opportunity to find your auto auction online and to make quick, profitable vehicle purchases.

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2016 Mazda CX-5

37859 miles | 0 bids 00:10:39 Left

2014 Chevrolet SONIC

75746 miles | 0 bids 00:26:33 Left

Volkswagen Jw

125200 miles | 0 bids 00:45:46 Left

2007 Lexus RX

112575 miles | 0 bids 01:14:17 Left

2005 Volvo XC90

157914 miles | 0 bids 01:49:00 Left

2004 Nissan SENTRA

125200 miles | 0 bids 01:52:04 Left

2007 Pontiac GRAND PRIX

80404 miles | 0 bids 02:14:50 Left

2001 Toyota RAV4

116900 miles | 0 bids 02:20:29 Left

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I have bought many cars and was very understanding with how they work. I would mention that Repokar is the best one i have ever attended to buy cars and get good deals every time. So I will return to buy more!!!!!!!!!


This Auto Auction makes me feel free because it is easy to work with them, I mean in purchasing cars....Thanks the staff they are pretty good with me as a customer..I recommend everybody to attend Repokar car auction. If I ever want to buy more cars I would visit this auction. Thanks a lot!


I always pay attention on guaranteed auctions and if there is an inspection checking...This auction i can find many guaranteed cars how I wanted and it makes me happy...I am sure this auction is safe and I would recommend it to everybody!!!


Great place to get a used car. Plenty of inspection time before you bid, they are ready to answer all questions, smooth transaction after you've won your bid. All around good folks.

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