The new Porsche Mission E is a magnificent electric sports sedan

12/02/2015 14:17:01
The new Porsche Mission E is a magnificent electric sports sedan
The new Porsche Mission E is among the most impressive new models of electric cars. It has got an all-new form and complex technical and design innovative features.

Electric cars are no longer fantasy and far from gutless wonders. Among the most impressive new models of electric cars there is the Porsche Mission E, that should express an important intention of the Porsche automaker to hybridize in the near future all its cars. 

Porsche Mission E

One of the best designers now practicing, shaped the Porsche Mission E, and an extraordinarily capable team of top-level technicians engineered it. What impresses me the most about this magnificent sports sedan is an all-new form.  With four LED units floating in scoops that encompass the entire front of the fenders, brilliantly manages to evoke the past while being resolutely different from it. When and if this car hits the market with the Tesla, the electric car may, finally, really be here.

New Porsche hybrid car

Its crisp longitudinal surface break lines are a new element in the Porsche surface vocabulary. The body side surfaces between the front and rear wheelhouses are complex, including inlets, outlets, a hard horizontal line just below the wheel centers, and a nice lower fairing for the rear wheels. Sharp diagonal splitters direct air into the brakes, and their upper edges align visually with the hood ribs. The Formula 1 “base plate” carries around to the body sides. Presumably the entire underbody is flat, and all elements are enclosed and protected against road debris.


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